1. How much weeds can be removed in a certain amount of time?

In four hours we can cut up and remove a quarter of an acre of aquatic plants in optimal weather conditions. This includes 22 inches below the surface and removing any floating algae, weeds, and or debris from the water.  

2. Do we offer a reoccurring service?

Yes, we can schedule you ahead of the pack at set times and days to manage your waterways all season long.

3. Do you offer emergency visits?

Yes, contact us to schedule an emergency visit. We wouldn't want your water fun to be ruined.

4. Do you operate in bad weather?

Weather can delay the amount of work we can complete when water is choppy. If conditions do not allow for us to complete the job to our high standards we will reschedule for the following day as our first priority.

5. Can we book a group session to service everyone in the neighborhood as one?

Of course, we offer a special group discount to service multiple neighbors at once. This can include lake associations, neighbors along a river channel, and any other type of community that needs their aquatic plants harvested.

6. When will other services you offer be available?

We are hoping to implement the remaining services at the end of the season of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

7. How much do you charge?

We charge by the amount of time it takes to accomplish the total square foot of a waterway and or body of water acreage. The price is quoted before work is completed to assure our customers they know exactly what is being charged and what will be completed.

8. Can the number of weeds needing to be cleared affect cost?

Within the given area required for harvesting, we determine the density of aquatic plant populations based on 4 levels; floating algae, minor, medium, and major weed bed populations. Quotes will determine the level of work a job will require to complete.

9. Do you fully remove aquatic waste?

Anything we harvest or skim is removed from the job location and transported to an offsite location so you never have to see it again.

10. How do I pay?

When you receive an invoice you can pay over the phone, by mail, or on our website. If it is a reoccurring service you can have monthly, or seasonal payments prescheduled. We accept all major credit cards and checks made out to Wild Water Harvesting.

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We are here to help make sure no aquatic plants ruin your water fun!